Another small/simple editor based on GtkSourceView.

It try to make accessible every features of GtkSourceView.


Version : 0.6.9

  • Rewrite status bar
  • Ask to save before close
  • Update language menu
  • Update desktop file

Version : 0.6.6

  • Add printing function
  • Add Recent Files opening
  • Refactor status update & menu item activation

Version : 0.6.4

  • First multi-file usable version

Version : 0.5.0

  • First really usable version


Installation of gmysqlcc from source

Download from site

To download simplEdit from site, go to download section. https://github.com/thepozer/simplEdit

Download from Git

To download simplEdit via git, type these commands in a terminal :

$ git clone https://github.com/thepozer/simplEdit.git

Compile and Install

If you have got source from git, you need to do some steps before in simplEdit directory :

$ ./autogen.sh

These steps generate the configure script.

If you have downloaded the source package, start here.

Now it's generics configure's steps :

$ ./configure
$ make

To install simpleedit, you need to be root. Just type :

$ make install